6th Kup

Pushups- Squats- Burpees

Hand Techniques:
Fixed Stance Punch
*Walking Stance Circular Block
*Walking Stance Double Forearm Block (new)
* Walking Stance Front Elbow Strike (new technique from next pattern)
*Walking Stance Hooking Block (new technique from next pattern)
* L Stance Twin Knifehand Block (new technique)
* L Stance Forearm Guarding Block
* L Stance Inward Knifehand Strike
The techniques marked with * are done moving forward and backwards.

Kicking Techniques:
Bending Ready Stance Side Piercing Kick
L-Stance Turning Kick & Side Piercing Kick (kicking from rear leg)
L-Stance Downward Kick & Side Piercing Kick (kicking from rear leg)
At Wall- Side Piercing Kick (Yop Chagi) Hold
At Wall – Turning Kick (Yop Dollyo) Middle & High x10
At Wall- Hook Kick & Turning Kick x 15
Yop Dollyo moving across the floor forwards & backwards with right leg and left leg.


Self Defence:
(1) Rear Wrist grab (2) Bear Hug

3 rounds of 1.5 minutes


Examples of Theory

What grade are you? 6th Kup Green Belt

Name new stances you’ve learned. Bending Ready Stance, Close Ready Stance A

Won-Hyo was the noted monk who introduced Buddhism to the Silla Dynasty in the year 686 AD

(28 movements)