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World Cup 2012 Brighton

From the 4th-7th October 2012 Cork Taekwon-Do members represented the Irish Taekwon-Do Association at the ITF World Cup 2012 in Brighton, England. Cork TKD returned with a total of 53 medals as well as the great achievement of winning “best association”. The team had been training hard for this event for many months and preparations go far back as 2011. The training sessions leading up to the World Cup were tough but were enjoyed by all. Everyone was fully prepared thanks to all the coaches, especially Mr Barry & Mr Buckley from Mallow. The support and teamwork showed by everyone was superb. For some people in our club it was their first time competing in a different country and everyone learned a lot and enjoyed the experience while giving their all on the floor.

The trip began on Tuesday morning at 10am. All of the team met up at Cork airport to travel to Gatwick airport in London. We arrived in London to familiar weather but that didn’t dampen spirits. We boarded a train to Brighton which took about 20 minutes. We walked from Brighton train station to our hotel which was about 10 minutes’ walk. We stayed in the UMI hotel which was on the seafront and practically next door to the competition arena. After everyone settled in some of the team went for a walk, while some relaxed in the hotel. Mr Barry, Mr Buckley & Mr Forde then went to register all of the competitors in another hotel. The rest of the team had dinner for in the hotel. After dinner all competitors received their competitor I.D card.

Wednesday morning was weigh-in day. The team made their way to the arena about 8am, where we waited in line for our turn to weigh-in. Thankfully everyone made their weight. Then the team went to the main shopping centre in Brighton to do a small bit of shopping. At 5pm the team made their way to the arena to do a bit of training. Everyone was really focused and sharp. After training the coaches attended the coaches meeting, while the rest of the team went for dinner.

It was an early start Thursday morning with breakfast starting at 7am. We then made our way to the arena across the road, where we waited for the doors to open. We then made our way inside and took our seats. The arena was really spectacular with 10 rings in action. The competition began with an opening ceremony which included speeches from Mr Philip Lear (Tournament Organiser) & Master Marano (President of the ITF). The tournament began around 10am. Colour Belts took part in individual sparring while the Black Belt members took part in individual sparring. There were some very strong performances across the board and we finished day one with 4 bronze medals and one semi-final on Saturday. Niamh O Sullivan got bronze in individual patterns, Mr Pat Barry bronze in individual patterns, Sophie Daly bronze in individual sparring, Kate Scott bronze in individual sparring and Adam Foley in the semi-final on Saturday in individual patterns.

Friday was individual sparring for Black Belts and individual patterns for Colour Belts as well as Pre Arranged Sparring. Once again there were some super displays by everyone. The highlight of the day had to be Mr Barry getting to the final of his individual sparring section. It really gave everyone a great boost to see our instructor and coach leading by example. The day finished up with Mr Pat Barry into the final of individual sparring, Denise O Brien in the final of individual sparring, Jake Sheehan and Niamh O Sullivan into the final of pre-arranged sparring, Liz Chambers into the final of sparring, Jake Sheehan into the final of sparring, Adam Foley into the final of individual patterns and Niamh O Sullivan got bronze in individual sparring. It was another great day for the club.

Saturday was finals day. We had 6 members taking part in the finals. The day began with a bang with Denise O Brien winning gold in sparring after a tough match. This was straight away followed up by Mr Barry winning gold in sparring with style. Adam Foley was unlucky in the final of patterns and had to settle for silver after winning his semi-final. Just after that Jake Sheehan was narrowly outscored in the final of sparring adding a silver medal to his collection. He made up for this, along with Niamh O Sullivan as they went on to win gold in pre-arranged sparring on the centre stage. Liz Chambers got a silver medal in sparring soon after. Then Mr Barry took part in special technique earning himself a silver medal. We returned to the arena that evening for a very entertaining “finals night”, which including senior black belts sparring matches. Everybody enjoyed the electric atmosphere.

Sunday the final day was a very busy day for us as it was time for the team events. The day began with team patterns. The day began with the junior colour belts boys 12 -14 team. The team had a very strong performance in the quarter final & semi before they were beaten by Russia in the final on centre stage. Next up were the junior colour belt girls 12-14 team who were beaten in their semi-final by England. The junior black belt boys 12-14 team won gold in team patterns also on centre stage. The junior black belt 15-17 team were unlucky in the final and earned a silver for their efforts.

In sparring, there was gold for the black belt senior male +46 team. Followed by gold again for the junior colour belt girls 15-17 in sparring who beat Poland in the final. The junior girls black belt 15-17 team also won gold again beating Poland in the final. There were 4 more teams who earned themselves a bronze; junior colour belt male 15-17, junior colour belt female 12-14, junior black belt male 12-14 & junior colour belt male 12-14. The day finished up with the medal awarding where all the teams received their medals along with the ITA winning the best overall association award.

The competition was now over. The team returned to the hotel and got ready to enjoy the night at the competitors party where everyone had a great time. The group then left for home Monday morning and later that night showed off their medals in the North Mon. Everyone is looking forward to the World Cup 2014 in Jamaica!

Full results of Cork Taekwon-Do members:

Mr Barry: Individual Sparring, Team Patterns & Sparring
Denise O Brien: Team Sparring & Individual Sparring
Kelly O Donovan: Team Sparring
Nicole Stokes: Team Patterns & Sparring
Sophie Daly: Team Patterns & Sparring
Kate Scott: Team Patterns & Sparring
Liz Chambers: Team Patterns & Sparring
Laura Kelly: Team Patterns & Sparring
Jake Sheehan: Pre-Arranged Sparring & Team Patterns
Niamh O Sullivan: Pre-Arranged Sparring & Team Sparring

Mr Barry: Special Technique
Liz Chambers: Individual Sparring
Adam Foley: Individual Patterns & Team Patterns
Dylan Murphy: Team Patterns
Dean Murphy: Team Patterns
Vladas Slabkovkis: Team Patterns
Jack Waters: Team Patterns
Dean Carthy: Team Patterns
Kieren Buckley: Team Patterns
Ciaran O Neil: Team Patterns
Luke Griffin: Team Patterns
Jake Sheehan: Individual Sparring

Mr Barry: Individual Patterns
Sophie Daly: Individual Sparring
Stephen Ricken: Team Sparring
Niamh O Sullivan: Individual Patterns & Sparring
Sarah Forde: Team Patterns & Sparring
Aoife Barry: Team Patterns & Sparring
Nicole Wall: Team Patterns & Sparring
Chloe Healy: Team Patterns & Sparring
Amber Curtin: Team Patterns & Sparring
Kelsey Ricken: Team Patterns & Sparring
Jake Sheehan: Team Sparring
Vladas Slabkovkis: Team Sparring
Luke Griffin: Team Sparring
Dean Carthy: Team Sparring