Ms Fiona Bowdren

Name: Fiona Bowdren

Age: 22

Grade: 1st degree black belt

Years Training: 10

Taekwon-Do Achievements: Most improved senior student of the year 2007, Black belt, some 1st place pattern trophies not going to list them all. Attended many training camps polish camp, seminars.

Favourite Pattern: Won Hyo or Gae Baek

Favourite Kick: Axe Kick

Best TKD Memory: Old Waterford summer camp in that school, in the small gym which was referred to as the morgue.

Best Advice Given: Pain is weakness leaving the body, pursue your own goal. Celebrate even the littlest achievements.

Future Goals: Open my own club and one day win gold in patterns, eventually get good at sparring, be on the Irish team.

Hobbies Outside TKD: Singing, acting Surfing dancing skateboarding, trampolining, gymnastics, traveling.

Earliest TKD Memory: I still remember my 1st day of training, I showed up in jeans,I used be a couch potato who never exercised back then

Favourite Song: Cant choose have too many am “the nurse who loved me” by a perfect circle or for training “remember the name”

TKD Idol: Suska and General Choi

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