Mr Richard Forde

Name: Richard Forde

Age: 19

Grade: 2nd Degree

Years Training: 13 years

Taekwon-Do Achievements: European Champion in sparring 2010, Irish Team Captain 2008, 1 Gold 2 Silver 5 Bronze from European Championships and European Cups,  9 National titles. Black Belt Competitor of the year , Best grading award & student of the year.  Instructed North Mon & Carrigaline members to great results in both gradings & competitions (this makes you as proud as winning yourself)

Favourite Pattern: Choong – Jang is my favourite black belt pattern and Won Hyo is my favourite colour belt pattern

Favourite Kick: High Dollyo Chagi (3 points!!)

Best TKD Memory: There has been some great memories over the years but it has to be winning the European Championships in Sweden 2010. I was fighting +70kg and I was 74kg, I won my first round against Scotland. Then won against Finland and Hungary scoring two head shots on each fighter and they were both over 6ft 5 and both over 130kg so that was very special. Then in the final I faught a Romanian and it was a draw after 2 rounds and after a 3rd  round so it went to sudden death. I was out on my feet, then ref said si jak and the Romanian rushed forward with a side kick, I jumped in the air and scored a punch to the head. The waiting for the result was the longest 10 seconds of my life. When the scoreboard showed 3 judges scored the shot I couldn’t believe it. I starting crying with joy and felt on top of the world. The whole Irish team ran onto the ring and lifted me into the air and threw me up and down. I will never forget that moment! That feeling motivates me to train hard and feel that way again in the future.

Best Advice Given:” The only place success comes before work is the dictionary”.

“It is what it is, its gonna be what its gonna be go out there and give your best”

Future Goals: I hope to win another European title at senior level and hopefully someday become a World Champion. Besides competing I hope to help younger people to achieve their goals and be the best they can be, I really enjoy the coaching side of Taekwon-Do and hope to one day be the coach for the national team and my own club, but that’s a long way down the road, for now I just want to compete at the highest level and do well, aswell as helping the kids I currently teach to improve both as Taekwon-Do “ists” and people.

Hobbies Outside TKD: Taekwon-Do takes up a lot of my time but when I do have time off I like to play poker with friends, listen to music, watch and play sports such as GAA and Soccer.

Earliest TKD Memory: I can still remember my first time training in the North Mon it was September 1999. My Dad brought me down to the club and I joined into the class. That time parents could sit inside the hall and watch. I remember 2 things from that night, being on the winning team in a race kicking airsheilds and going over to my dad at the end and saying Saju Jirugi is very hard I don’t know will I ever be able to do it. My dad always reminds me of that now when I win a medal or trophy in patterns.

Favourite Song: He Lives In You – Lebo M (from my favourite film as a kid, Lion King) or Mirror – Lil Wayne

TKD Idol: Mr Jaroslaw Suska (for his technique), Ms Julia Cross (for her success) , Mr Daniel Dziala ( for his sparring brain) & Mr Pat Barry (for his dedication and time he gives to all his students).

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