Mr Johnathan Miloudi

Name: Johnathan Miloudi

Age: 18

Grade: 2nd degree black belt

Years Training: 13

Taekwon-Do Achievements: Being selected on the Irish team at 13 years old. 2nd in sparring viking cup , brabant open champion in patterns, 3rd place team sparring European cup 2009 , 8 times national champion and 2nd place team patterns Irish team 2011.

Favourite Pattern: Kwang Gae.

Favourite Kick: Side kick.

Best TKD Memory: Winning my first round in -52 sparring in 2008 .. amazing feeling.

Best Advice Given: “Your only tired in your head”

Future Goals: To keep competing to the best of my ability , hopefully become world champion, open my own club and become the Irish coach.

Hobbies Outside TKD: Running and going to town.

Earliest TKD Memory: My first day at North Mon at 5 years old , being the smallest in the class and being a handful.

Favourite Song: The worlds greatest – R kelly

TKD Idol: Mr. Hong Looi

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