Ms Niamh O Sullivan

Name: Niamh O Sullivan

Age: 14

Grade: 1st Degree Black Belt

Years Training: 7

Taekwon-Do Achievements: In 2008, I received competitor of the year which helped to constantly train hard and do my best. At the age of 13, I was promoted to 1st degree Black belt, it was the best feeling in the world. I then made the Irish team which has always been a dream of mine and making it at 13 years old was a huge achievement for me. In 7 years training, I have won 47 medals and trophies, 30 first places, 11 second place and 6 third places. These include 2 silver medals from the Open European Cup in Slovakia 2010 which I competed at 12 years old and as a red belt. The medals are for team patterns and team sparring. Slovakia was a great experience and opened my eyes to competing at an international level. At the age of 13 I went to the European Championship in Slovenia 2012 with the Irish team. I came home with 3 silver medals for team patterns, team sparring and individual sparring. I fought in the -45kg category after months of dieting and training. When i made my weight I was absolutely delighted. Before my spar I wasn’t nervous for some reason and I just told myself to do my best and make my club and family proud and that a medal would be a bonus. I took each round as it came and sparred and English girl first and took a bang in the nose, my nose was bleeding but i continued on and won. I sparred a Romanian girl in the second round and my nose continued to bleed, I carried on to win and qualified for the final. I felt on top of the world and told myself I could do it. I sparred a Russian girl in the final and during the first 2 minutes, I was in the lead but unfortunately, the Doctor told me I was unable to continue over my nose injury. After I heard that my heart sunk but shortly after I was back to normal and felt so so happy and delighted with my silver medal. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Favourite Pattern: Black Belt : Gae Baek ; Colour Belt : Toi-gye.

Favourite Kick: Side kick

Best TKD Memory: Getting my black belt, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Best Advice Given: ‘Your only tired in the head.’ & ‘Pain is only weakness leaving the body’ (My mam tells me this all the time)

Future Goals: One of my goals since my early years training is to become World Champion some day. I would also love to pass on my knowledge and experience of Taekwon-do to younger people.

Hobbies Outside TKD: I like going out with friends and I love listening to music.

Earliest TKD Memory: I remember my first night training when I was 6 years old, I didnt have a clue what I was doing but I loved it from the very start.

Favourite Song: The worlds greatest – R.Kelly and Win – Brian McKnight.

TKD Idol: Mr. Pat Barry, Ms.Julia Cross, Mr.Hong Looi.

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