Ms Kelly O Donovan

Name: Kelly O Donovan


Grade:1st degree

Years Training: 9 years

Taekwon-Do Achievements: got my blackbelt and got silverin team sparring

Favourite Pattern: Gae Baek

Favourite Kick: Turning kick

Best TKD Memory: last traning session before my black belt or when Mr.Barry asked me to go for the team

Best Advice Given: “theres always going to be someone better than you so dont give up till you beat them”

Future Goals: gold in individual sparring

Hobbies Outside TKD: football, basketball

Earliest TKD Memory:

Favourite Song:Worlds gratest

TKD Idol: Never really thought of it , always looked up to the black belts in my club true the years and now look up to the blackbelts who are a higher grade in my club

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