Ms Denise O Brien

Name: Denise O Brien
Grade: 1st degree
Years Training: 9
Taekwondo-Do Achievements: After many of years of training I’m happy to say that there are a lot of competitions where I have been successful and awards that I have got. The main achievements that stand out are when I got my black belt, in the European Cup 2012 in Slovakia where I got 3rd in individual sparring. I got 2nd in individual sparring and 2nd in power in the Cork Open 2012. Also I got 2nd in individual sparring and 3rd in power in the Dublin Open 2012. Recently I got 1st in World Cup, Brighton, in individual sparring –45kg which was amazing. World Champion at age 16 is unbelievable.
Favourite Pattern: If I had to pick I would say that Yul-Gok and my favourite black belt pattern is Gae-baek.

Favourite Kick: Side kick
Best TKD Memory: Through-out the years I have had many experiences and memories. I remember training in Mount Mellery and the morning jog we went on up to the church, around a field and back to the dorms. Getting an award when I was a colour belt for best grading which pushed me to go further. Competing for my first time in team patterns and team sparring, colour belt, and we got gold. Mr. Forde was our coach and after we won we made him wear all our red hair bends. Slovakia. Getting my black belt. Moving up weight categories in the Cork Open in Neptune a few years ago and getting first in that category. Best Advice given: “Try kicking to the head, middle side kick then go high with it” wise words from Mr. Forde.” Pain is only temporary, but success lasts forever “. “It’s better to try and fail, then to not try at all”.
Future Goals: To get on the Irish team and represent my country would be a great achievement, and to hopefully someday get world champion again in a higher and tougher category.
Hobbies Outside TKD: Soccer and playing guitar
Earliest TKD Memory: I remember when we were registering down in the Mon, I was after coming from a club which was Farranree and I got as far as my yellow belt I think, but I had to start again. Me and my mam filled out the form outside the prayer room, I went into the hall and I vaguely remember seeing Mr. .Barry putting down the mats. Favorite Song: I have too many to name but some are “Hallo of fame” by The Script. This song was the main song I listened to going to the World Cup. “Little talks” by Of Monsters and Men.
TKD Idol: Mr. Forde has been a person I look up to over the last few years I also get inspired from the different people I train with and see at competitions.