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New Beginner Classes take place in September in North Mon Primary School Hall School & Cork Taekwon-Do Carrigaline

Unit 11, Kilnagleary Business Park, Carrigaline

Beginner Classes as follows

TKD KUBZ Classes for 3 to 5 year old Boys & Girls

Taekwon-Do Kids for 6 to years old

Junior Taekwon-Do for 8 to 12 Years Old

Teenage & Adult Classes

TKD KUBZ – The Fun and Educational Way to learn Martial Arts for 3 – 5 Year Olds

Focus – Teamwork – Memory – Control – Balance – Discipline – Fitness – Co-Ordination

Our TKD KUBZ, Taekwon-Do Kids classes and programmes for 3 to 5 & 6 to 8 year olds focus on;

  • Improving your child’s basic motor skills
  • Games and Fun Activities
  • Increasing Concentration Level
  • Keeping your child physically fit & Healthy
  • Emphasising the benefits of good behaviour (Eg. Taking turns, Sharing, Teamwork, Listening)
  • The value of participation, good manners, co-operation and trying your best at all times

The purpose of Little Ninjas is to introduce children to martial arts at an early age with a specific focus on Life Skills as well as Safety Skills (Eg. Fire Safety, Health, Home Safety, Stranger Danger, Bully Awareness, Road Safety Awareness).

But best of all, the Little Ninjas class curriculum will also help them see the value of participation, teamwork, good manners and trying their best inside and outside of the classroom.

Junior Taekwon-Do for 9 to 12 Year Old Boys & Girls

Classes for junior members will have an emphasis towards participation, practical self defence techniques, raising children’s safety awareness levels based on common sense pointers and helping them with their self esteem and self confidence, co-ordination, exercise and concentration levels as well as making new friends.

Studies have shown that children in Taekwon-Do have an increased sense of responsibility, a decrease in the willingness to take foolish risks and a higher sense of self-esteem.  Many health professionals have prescribed Taekwon-Do because of the positive outlet it gives children for all of their energy.  At Cork Taekwon-Do we promote good behaviour and we expect the same at home and in school.

Teenage & Adult Classes

For adults Taekwon-Do is like an exercise program with a bonus!  You learn to defend yourself while you get in shape.  Taekwon-Do is well known for its stress relieving benefits.  The emphasis on mind-body training goes far beyond the benefits of standard Health Club type exercise programs.

For further information or to pre book a place on the above classes please Text or Call Mr. Pat Barry on 087 2782870

Children must be accompanied by an adult when enrolling in these classes.

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