10th Kup

Required for Grading:

Squat -Plank- Split Stretch

Hand Techniques:
Parallel Stance, Single Middle Punch 10 Times
Parallel Stance, Double Middle Punch 10 Times
*Walking Stance Middle Punch
* Walking Stance Outer Forearm Low Block
* Walking Stance Outer Forearm Rising Block
The techniques marked with * are done moving forward and backwards.

Kicking Techniques:
Walking Stance Rising Kick
Walking Stance Front Snap Kick
Parallel Stance Jump Front Snap Kick
Parallel Stance Side Piercing Kick
At Wall- Side Piercing Kick (Yop Chagi) Hold
At Wall – Side Piercing Kick (Yop Chagi). Kick out and bring knee back in, 10 times on right & left leg
At Wall- Side Turning Kick (Yop Dollyo), 10 times on right & left leg

Four Direction Punch – Saju Jirugi Right side & Left side
Four Direction Block – Saju Makgi (for seniors only)

Self Defence:
(1) Wrist Grab (2) Double Collar Grab

Sparring Movement:
Attacking, defending, moving, showing different kicking techniques

Taekwon-Do Theory Questions:
See examples below

Examples of Theory

Where is Taekwon-Do from? Korea

What is the Taekwon-Do suit called? Dobok

What is the training hall called? Dojang

What grade are you? 10th Kup White Belt



Saju Jirugi: