Cork Taekwon-Do


Stripe NameDescriptionColour

Single & Double Punches, Jump Punches. Ensure child is punching straight & using the correct part of the fist.

Balance & Kicking
Front snap kick, Jump front snap kick, Sidekick. Sidekick hold against the wall. Turning kick against the wall. Balance on one leg, hopping


Exercise & Stretching
Squats, Burpees, Glute bridges, Crab walk, Crawls- Bear, Gorilla, Frog. Stretching- Bridge (splits), Butterfly, Swan, Wolf

Low block, Rising block, Wedging block, Middle block. Ensure child is crossing their hands before they block (chamber, make an x with fists)


Stances & Listening
Walking stance, Parallel Ready stance. Listening position is sitting on floor legs crossed. What is a good listener?

Sparring is the sport side of Taekwon-Do when we wear our handpads & footpads & we try to punch or kick our opponent to score points. Must show good movement, dodging, attacking, defending & know what sparring is.


Taekwon-Do Knowledge & Phone Number
Where is Taekwon-Do from, what is your suit called, what stances do you know, what kicks do you know. Know your parent/guardians phone number for Safety

Black Belt Attitude Behaving like a Black Belt. Always trying your best, being kind to others, sharing, taking turns, helping out at home.Black

When your child has all these stripes on their belt then they will go forward for a grading for a new belt. The gradings for KUBZ take place in December, March & June.