7th Kup

Squat- High Plank to Low Plank- Split Stretch- Tuck Jumps

Hand Techniques:
Sitting Stance Knifehand Strike
*Walking Stance High Outer Forearm Block
*Walking Stance Backfist High Side Strike
* Walking Stance Straight Finger Tip Thrust
* Walking Stance Outer Forearm Wedging Block
* Walking Stance Circular Block (new technique from next pattern)
L-Stance Twin Forearm Block
L-Stance Knifehand Guarding Block
The techniques marked with * are done moving forward and backwards.

Kicking Techniques:
L-Stance Side Piercing Kick (kicking from rear leg)
L-Stance Turning Kick (kicking from rear leg)
At Wall- Side Piercing Kick (Yop Chagi) Hold
At Wall – Side Piercing Kick (Yop Chagi). Kick out & bring knee back in, 10 on right leg & 10 on left leg.
At Wall- Hook Kick x 15
Turning Kick (Yop Dollyo) moving across the floor forwards & backwards with right leg and left leg.

Saju Jirugi

Self Defence:
(1) Double Wrist Grab (2) Double Collar Grab (3) Rear Shoulder Grab

Sparring Movement:
Attacking, defending, movement, showing different kicking techniques.


Examples of Theory

What grade are you? 7th Kup Green Tag

Motions you know? Normal motion, Fast motion, Continuous motion

New movements in your pattern? Wedging block, outer forearm high side block, straight finger tip thrust

Do-San is the pseudonym of the patriot Ahn Chang-Ho (1876-1938). The 24 movements represent his entire life, which he devoted to furthering the education of Korea and its independence movement.

(24 movements)